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40 SEO Terms You Must Know Before Structuring a Website

Mostly every business owner has understood the worth of a website and SEO in it. They have clearly understood how a website can help them in building up an empire of their own and make them a big brand which they desire to be.

However, there are still many business owners out there who still don’t about what is SEO, and why do you need it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is work done to any website that will help to be ranked in the top pages of search engines with the result of a good quality traffic to your site and benefits.

You may have understood a small point on what is SEO and that is not enough, so for that reason, it is crucial for you to read and understand the SEO terms which I have mentioned below so you can gain some valuable knowledge about SEO that can help you on creating a website with a digital marketing expert in Pakistan

Essential SEO Terms You need to Know


301 Redirect

301 redirect refers to redirect a visitor to another page. It is important for any website to put in a 301 redirect in a website whenever they change a web address of a page. 301 redirect comes in to point your old web address to the new one. The beneficial factor that 301 redirects provide is that it ensures people who may have bookmarked your website and opened your website so they will be redirected to your fresh web address, the Search engine will also index your new page.


ALT Text

Alt-text is generally a description provided in an image in your site’s HTML. However, humans won’t know the value of ALT text but the search engines can read the description written in the alt description. However, alt text helps in ranking on Google because you can input the niche related keyword in the description and get ranked with the help of it.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is an actual link to a web page. Mostly, this text appears in an underline dark blue form or purple. For example “SEO agency in Pakistan”. Anchor text gives the knowledge to search engine about the destination that a link is taking a user to.


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A blog is a part of your website where it is necessary to publish content. Blogs are a great way to give knowledge to the audience about something they might not know. The best benefit of blogs is that it enables you to talk about your product and services and persuading the website visitors to purchase from you. Blogs are the essential element of SEO, there is no SEO without blog content on your website. The best benefit blog offer is that whenever you publish new content through a blog that a search engine sees it means a good chance for you to get found online. Writing a blog can be a tricky task for some business owners so it is essential for you to avail of content writing services in Pakistan for writing the quality content that you desire.


Bookmark is a link to a website that you save for later preferences in your browser. There are many social bookmarking sites where users share websites that catch their interest and share with other people they may know. If you have a link to a social bookmarking site then it is essential for you because that gives a sign to crawlers that the piece of content written in your website is engaging to people.


Canonical URL

The main benefit which canonical URL provides is that it differentiates the original content and copied content. Many times this has happened when the same piece of content is provided on two different websites, if there is a canonical URL provided in the source code of your content then it means you are showcasing your content as original rather than others who wrote the same type of content.

Conversion Form

It is a form that is added to numerous websites where an individual can fill in their credentials and information for something unique like product and services. Conversion forms convert traffic to potential leads.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

You may know what HTML is, websites are made through HTML and it just structures the website all the styling is dependent on CSS. It will differentiate on how your site elements should look for example (Headers, links, paragraph alignment, colours).



As you may know about the directories for other people to get to know about an individual person. Similarly, there are directories for websites. It helps people to locate your websites in certain directories through inbound links. The most popular web directories are Yahoo! Directory and Dmoz.

Availing SEO services in Pakistan will assist you in listing your business in numerous directories including Yahoo! and Dmoz


The domain is the main address of your website for example ( It is good to renew the ownership of your domain for many years to count. Search engines especially Google favors ranking the website that has longer registration for the domain because it showcases the commitment.


The Fold

The fold is the piece of information that is shown above the content.  It is the first thing that the user sees when they arrive to any website. The biggest benefits that fold offers are that it allows people to engage in content because of the attraction to the fold. If you’ve created an aesthetic fold then you can assure that users will definitely engage in your content.

For design purposes, you can hire a graphic designing agency in Pakistan to create an innovative fold for your website.



The heading is the most important element for your website there is no easy understanding of your website until and unless there are headings to divide the parts of your content. There are in total 6 headings in a website that you can add for example (H1-H6) but commonly websites contain till H4. This text is showcased in larger and stronger than the content.


HTML is the code part of your website that a search engine reads and understands your website. It is necessary for you to keep your HTML clean so the search engine can read your website peacefully and often.


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Inbound Link

It refers to a link that connects website A and website B. For example, you have guest posted a blog on a website and you’ve provided a link so a user can click that link and arrives at your website, that specific link is called an inbound link. Inbound links can significantly improve your website’s SEO if done right.

Internal Linking

It is a link that connects two pages on the same website. For example, a link that can carry visitors from your homepage to your service page.

Indexed Pages

The Pages of a website that have been showcased on the search results by the search engines



JavaScript is the programming language that allows an individual to make a website interactive. However, HTML and CSS are languages that are used for structuring and styling the website and then there is JavaScript which is used to give webpages interactive elements that will engage users in a website and explore more. Business owners are hiring a web development agency in Pakistan for a website structure that will be effective in 2021.



The keyword is what a user writes in a search bar of a search engine. If you’re eager to rank on the top pages of Google then keywords are the best and most crucial element that will take your website to high-rises. Every webpage of your website should be optimized with a keyword regarding the type of business and industry you are in. Keywords are the way to draw users to your website and make a purchase from you. Comprehensive keyword research is necessary for any business owner before optimizing a website for their brand and utilization of time is arduous for business owners because they have more complex tasks to do. For that being a reason you can approach an SEO agency in Pakistan for researching keywords for your website and to rank on the top pages of Google.


Link Building

It is the process of gaining more inbound links to your site to get qualified enough to rank on search engines.

Long-Tail Keyword

A long-tail keyword is a normal keyword but containing 3 to 4 words in a search bar. For example “Digital marketing agency in Pakistan” is a 5-word keyword that means it is a long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords are best for small businesses to optimize that keyword in their website to rank fast on search engines because the competition level of long-tail keywords is quite low.


Meta Data

The Data that defines what your website is about to search engines.

Meta Description

A meta description is a description that is shown at the bottom of your website title in the search result. It is generally a brief description of your website. The meta description should be written under 160 characters or else the description may result in Ellipsis (…) which you have to avoid at any cost.


It is a logarithmic ranking provided by SEOmoz. The ranking system is from 0-10. The ranking is based on the number of quality inbound links to a site. 10.0 is the best rank that means it has a number of quality backlinks in a site. 0 rank means that there is no recognized inbound link.



A website that doesn’t passes a link juice or SEO credit to another website.


Page Title

The title is the name you give your web page that can be seen at top of a browser window. It is essential for you to input a keyword in your title. A search engine likes the website that has a keyword placed in their title and ranks them.


It is a rank that is given by Google. The ranking system is from 1-10, indicating how good your website SEO is. If your website is above rank 5 then it means your SEO is quite good and is beneficial for ranking on the result page.

To get better PageRank it is essential for you to hire an SEO expert in Pakistan for the betterment of your website’s SEO.


Panda is the ranking algorithm update by Google which was launched in 2011. The main purpose of this update was to sweep away the mediocre content in websites so the websites start focusing on the long-form content and its relevancy of it. Google is ranking the websites higher that has provided extremely relevant content on their website regarding the search made by the user. The Digital marketing agency in Pakistan is helping several business websites to set up a website with the best content written on the website and rank through it.

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC generally means to pay for the advertisement and get ranked on Google faster than the method of organic ranking which takes some months to rank a website. It is the method where a website showcases an advertisement on organic searches or any website that has a lot of traffic running in their site to point that traffic to your website, but this advertisement charges money based on the clicks, if your ad doesn’t receive any click then it won’t charge you a dime.

For effective advertisement of your website or brand, you can avail of PPC services in Pakistan to get instant traffic in your site.


Ranking Factor

SEO has several ranking factors, Search engines generally index the websites based on their ranking factor, how people have structured their website, if it’s SEO-friendly then assuredly search engine will rank them. Ranking factors can be based on the number of backlinks pointing to your site or quality content posted in it or the structure good on-page structure of your website. They all are the ranking factor that can help you and your website to grow.

Referrer String

It is the piece of information that is sent by the user’s browser whenever they explore the pages of websites. The main purpose of this string is that it provides information that how they came to the website previously, which essentially helps webmasters to gain knowledge on how a user is finding them.

RSS Feed

RSS stands for (Really Simple Syndication) which is a subscription-based XML file that helps users to get updated on new content from a web source. If you regularly publish a blog on your website then it is crucial for you to set up an RSS feed for your potential traffic to stay updated when you release new content.


SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

It is the page where your website is indexed whenever a user searches for the type of niche or industry you’re in. It is the page where all the search results are present. Normally it shows 10 results per page.


It is the special XML document created by webmasters that shows a full map of all pages of the website that makes it peaceful for search engines to read a website and index that specific website.

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Social Media

There are many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, which are popular social channels, people use them mostly for entertainment purposes and get connected with their family and friends. However, It is also a great platform to showcase and promote your website and brand. Business owners use it to promote their products or services for the benefits.

If you’re looking to create a social presence then it is essential for you to avail of SMM services in Pakistan for structuring a social presence above your expectations and boost your product to the high-rises.


Spider is the computer program also known as “Crawlers” the main job of a spider is to collect the information about the website so that search engines can index the website based on that information.



A searcher who visits your website.


The main title of a page of your website is included with an HTML tag <title>. It appears in the search engine result page in the user’s browser when they search for something. A good SEO title is written in 60 characters with a keyword included in it and be extremely relevant to your content.

Traffic Rank

The ranking based on how much your website gains traffic compared to other sites on the internet. You can easily check your traffic rank on Alexa.



The website address of a specific page of your site. For example  (


 The terms I have mentioned above is necessary to understand before optimizing any type of website because these terms are the blueprint on how to strategize and structure an SEO-friendly website.

Looking for someone to handle the SEO of your website? SEO Desires is the leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan that provides essential and quality services and availing of them will be the decision you will never regret.

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