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How to Preserve SEO rankings While Redesigning The Website

The SEO changes a considerable amount of times, due to changes in algorithms the strategies of SEO changes.that is the reason it is critical for every website owner to constantly update their website and implement the new strategies in it and maintain your position on Google.Many business owners have availed the SEO services in Pakistan for keeping the pace of a website maintained.

There are a few techniques that any small-time website owner should apply before redesigning it in the future that is advised by an SEO expert in Pakistan.

Sustain the Website URL structure whenever its Necessary

When you’re redesigning your website it is crucial for you to sustain your existing website URL, especially which is ranking organically and providing you the benefits.Retaining your URL structure means that during the redesigning of your website, the web designer will optimize and design the web content of a specific page, but the website URL will remain same. The web designing agency in Pakistan can assist you considerably in designing your website structure and securing the URLs.

Changing the website address isn’t the ideal decision in the eyes of a user and especially search engines. It takes a valuable amount of time to structure a website and rank it on Google, it can be risky for you to change your web address because you can lose all your hardwork and the SEO value of a page. The SEO expert in Pakistan advises that, to don’t disturb the website URL until it’s necessary to do so, if your website SEO score is low then it is essential for you to redesign the website and keep the link saved.

To avoid that situation, it is vitally important for you to audit your existing sitemap before redesigning the structure. When adjusting the navigation or changing page names of a webpage, the SEO agency in Pakistan will discuss with you if changing the URL is necessary or not.

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Carefully Apply 301 Redirects

Why does a person redesign a website? Obviously because the SEO of a website is not that credible or is changing it to follow the new algorithms of Google,a person can face any kind of situation for changing the website structure but after doing that, it is critical for you to carefully apply the 301 redirect in your website. The purpose of this redirect is that you’re permanently redirecting an original URL to your web page that is newly built.

If you don’t set the redirects properly, then the search engine and user will face the 404 error, stating that page cannot be found.

Having a number of 404 errors in your website will negatively impact your website and the SEO of it. The user won’t even get the chance to navigate your website and will leave your website instantly and that will come as a bounce. If a website has a 404 error in any page of a website that means Google spiders couldn’t crawl your webpage and the search engine stops the spiders to further crawl the site. That can be a big loss for a website owner and you should totally avoid that by inputting the redirects properly. If you’re bemused on how to set up a redirect then it is essential for you to approach an SEO agency in Pakistan who will professionally set up a redirect in a website.

Monitor The Site Post-Launch

After launching a redesigned website, you all just have to monitor it. There are many problems that are arduous to detect in a website before the launch.

Firstly,start with monitoring on Google search console, that will automatically detect any technical error in your website like, crawl errors, indexing errors and mobile functionality errors. Monitoring redesigned web consumes a lot of time for a person, and if you’re a business owner then the utilization of time can be tough for you. So for that being a reason it is critical for you to avail SEO services in Pakistan for your website to top the Google SERP.

After the website is launched, conduct different speed tests on multiple pages of your website especially on your homepage because it is the most crucial element of a website. If you’re having a major performance issue, then evaluating where your site is hosted will be best for you. Website servers play an enormous role in the load time of a website. Web hosters run many websites  on a single server that causes you to slow down your website speed.

You will also need to monitor your website’s analytics, which you can do easily on Google analytics. The analytic tool is really handy for tracking codes of your lost snippet that was not copied on your new live site.

There are many business owners who are troubled and bemused on how to handle the website that is redesigned, they thought of only one way and that is to avail the services of digital marketing company in Pakistan like SEO services to help them considerably in their website and guide them about some website elements which they currently do not know.


Do not get hasty for traffic, it is required for you to have patience  because sometimes SEO takes a long time for a website to rank on the search engines and after redesigning it, it is essential for you to wait for some time because the results are guaranteed which is told by a digital marketing expert in Pakistan

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