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User Engagement and why it is Important for Websites in 2021

User engagement is now the biggest and important factor for websites to obtain. Now, SEO is not dependent on the search engines it is now more crucial for user experience. In 2021, every single website will be totally structured and based on the user experience because that’s what matters now. You should keep in mind that Search engines aren’t the one who will purchase a product or service from you web users are the one who takes out their wallet and pays for a product. For that being reason, it is vitally important for you to optimize your website in a way that will engage users in the content of your website. The digital marketing agency in Pakistan are being the assistance for many averages based business website to be more SEO-friendly and engages more users in it.

Google is being updated regularly and there is no count for them. More than a Thousand algorithm updates happen in the search engine for the betterment of users. The search engines are being updated to give their users an experience which they expect from the search engines, and that being said the users expect a website to provide them what they like to see in a website.

You might remember when Google feature snippet was launched and it disrupted many website rankings. The rankings were disrupted because people didn’t need to open the website because the answer to their question was already provided in the snippet. The snippet goal is to provide a simple answer from the strong piece of content on a webpage. The information can be pulled from the 3rd or 4th website that is listed on the search result page instead of 1st the more strong and relevant content more the chance for the website to be featured in a snippet.

As a result, 34% of desktop users didn’t need to click on the webpage because of the featured snippet on the result page. You might think that it will showcase a negative impact on your website but it’s not. If you totally prioritize the searcher’s experience then it will ensure Google for the satisfaction of a user in your website. SEO agency in Pakistan is structuring the client’s website for user experience because it is effective and helps in to gain more conversions.

Now let’s get down to techniques that you should necessarily apply on your website for engaging users in your content.

Augmented Reality

Many branded websites has leveraged augmented reality for users to experience that is hard for them to expect. The big brand website that is in the cosmetic industry has enabled the augmented reality for the users to virtually try lipsticks and other stuff. If users get to know what they are trying and if they liked then they will surely purchase that product. If the business is based on a specific product and structured a website for it then it is crucial for you to enable augmented reality in your website for people to virtually try your product. This little tactic will skyrocket your website and the experience of the user. For augmented reality, you can avail of Graphic designing services in Pakistan for the best user experience.

Video Content

If you don’t have video content then adding it will be best for you and your business.  It is bemusing for marketers to add video content because it can be heavy for a website, but it’s worth the risk. Video of your product can be engaging for users because now people look for content that is easy to understand and they prefer to watch a video rather than reading content. However, the written content is best for your website and the SEO of it because written content helps in ranking high on Google.

The best benefit that video can offer you is that the engagement of a user in the content results in a less bounce rate for you that is good for your website and its business to run properly and rank on the top of Google SERP. It can encourage people to stay a longer period of time on a specific website. On average a video content persuades people to stay up to 2.6 times longer on a webpage, that number is enough for you to understand why video content is essential for you to optimize your website with a video posted on a specific webpage. A digital marketing company in Pakistan is offering essential SEO services for websites and optimizing their websites with several tactics involved that are effective in 2021.

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Lead Magnet

The most efficient way to ensure yourself that you’re providing an amazing user experience isn’t that creative. The gated content in your website with the purpose of the lead magnet can be creating the user engagement of their likings. Lead magnets with gated content aren’t new in the digital market but are still the most effective way to command your audience and understanding them. Understanding what they like and what kind of thing attracts them that you can provide is beneficial for you.

The lead magnet is anything that you can provide to the user free of cost for some period of time. People love free items and if you manage to offer them something free then they will surely visit your website and spend their quality time.


Engaging users means more conversion in your website and conversions are the crucial element for any website to have and gain. Structuring a website for the purpose of more user engagement is the top-notch strategy for gaining benefits.

Want to structure a website that provides the best user experience? SEO Desires is the leading digital marketing company in Pakistan that offers professional services for your business to gain glory in online marketing.

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